The Unsung Hero Awards are designed to reward and celebrate amazing Non-Medical NHS Staff and Volunteers. Whose hard work, dedication and commitment on a daily basis often will go unnoticed.


  • The Unsung Hero Awards give you the opportunity to nominate NHS non-medical staff in a national competition, individuals who often do not receive the recognition they deserve.
  • The awards are free to enter.
  • Just entering will mean that you and your nominee/s will have a chance to get invited to the live award ceremony, which is dedicated entirely to praising NHS non-medical professionals.
  • All nominees will receive a free certificate stating that they have been recognised as an Unsung Hero of the NHS.


Are you a manager within the NHS? Make your organisation stand out!

  • The Unsung Hero Awards is the best way to highlight the hard work of your unsung heroes.
  • The awards can help you raise your employees’ profiles within your organisation.
  • The awards are a great way to engage your staff by involving them in nominating their peers for the daily work they do.
  • You can give your unsung heroes an opportunity to attend an amazing event at a lovely venue surrounded by other nominees and nominators.
  • The awards help to spread positive news about non-medical workers across the country – put your hospital on the map and become a pioneer in your area.
  • Position your trust as a frontrunner and increase employee satisfaction ratings in a new and innovate way.
  • Providing recognition for a job well done is vital for maintaining employee morale and productivity.


To get a better idea about what makes people true Unsung Heroes and how winning this award can affect their lives – both personally and professionally, take a look at what some of our past nominators and winners have to say about the Unsung Hero Awards... 

Enid Dunn, one of the 2017 winners, explaining what it felt like to be recognised:


Unsung Hero Awards 2017 - Quotes from Nominations: