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A brilliant day trip to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals

15th October 2018

The Unsung Hero Awards road-show continues – latest stop – Blackpool!

On Friday, 11th October we arrived at Blackpool Victoria Hospital around 11:00 am on a very windy day (something Blackpool is famous for). We had been asked to report to reception, and as we were expected our table was quickly produced by one of the receptionists (a Non-Medical/Non-Clinical NHS employee of course and therefore a potential Non-Medical/Non-Clinical Unsung Hero). Our base for the day was on the mezzanine floor, just above the reception area and right in the middle of all the comings and goings – perfect spot to promote the Awards.

We met representatives of Unison who were also putting on a display on an adjacent stand. This was a much posher affair than ours and featured an electronic ‘reaction’ tester that you were encouraged to bash as quickly as possible in the correct sequence shown by flashing lights! Never quite worked out the purpose of the machine, but it did draw a large crowd – maybe that was the purpose.

The Unison stand helped us a lot too as we had hardly set up our banners when people were asking what it was all about. Unison they could understand, but who were the ‘Unsung Heroes of the NHS’?

Tracy Scott, Freelance Event Organiser, ready to promote the UHA. 

What an opener!  Everyone we met on the day were either a Non-Medical/Non-Clinical employee, Volunteer, or Medical staff, themselves depending upon many of their Non-Medical/Non-Clinical colleagues. 

We knew we would be busy, but neither Tracy Scott (our 2019 UHA Event Organiser) nor I could believe the welcome we got and the number of people who said, ‘what a great idea’ and ‘about time too’.

This is exactly what we mean by the Unsung Heroes of the NHS – the Non-Medical/Non-Clinical staff who make such a huge difference ‘behind the scenes’.  We are not saying they are not valued – of course they are, but understandably having to treat more than 80,000 day-case and inpatients, and more than 200,000 outpatients from across Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre every single year, there is not a lot of time left to celebrate the amazing work done by these vital members of staff in the Trust; even though they make up nearly half of the overall staff employed.

The goal - all NHS staff working together to improve patient outcomes

IT Staff are one example of where Medical Staff must rely on their colleagues expertise to help them perform their life saving work. 

Tracy and I were there on Friday to spread the word, fly the flag, give out leaflets and little torches courtesy of one of our Category Sponsors, Cerner. We met scores of Admin Staff, plenty of Portering staff, IT staff, a cohort of Coders (they have already won a local Award at the Hospital and will definitely be putting in a team nomination we were told).

We know that many NHS Trust Hospitals have their own Awards Ceremonies and these are tremendous at boosting morale locally, but what about a National Award ceremony exclusively for celebrating all the work done by the Non-Medical/Non-Clinical staff? That is exactly what makes the Unsung Hero Awards so special. It is the ONLY National Award for all Non-Medical, Non-Clinical staff and Volunteers. Nominations are open now until Friday, November 16 and it’s such an easy process.

Simply click here to nominate…

One person we also met on the day who is already up for an Award this year was Philip Robinson. Philip is one of the many hard-working volunteers and has already been nominated for the Trust’s own “Celebrating Success Awards”. After a full on and very rewarding day, we headed home to continue our Trust tour at the Countess of Chester

Don Tomlinson, Tracy Scott and members of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals 

Written by Don Tomlinson, founder of max20 Project Solutions and Unsung Hero Awards. 

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