The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

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Award Category

The following categories represent the majority of Non-Medical / Non-Clinical roles within the NHS. However, if you feel that your specific role or department is missing please e-mail and we will happily look into adding this information for future reference.

  • Admin & Clerical

    Admin & Clerical

    Admin and Clerical is the non-medical / non-clinical support network for the NHS.

    Admin and Clerical provides a human touch in a processed-based role. Individuals and teams who work in this area must be proficient and well organised as amongst other important tasks, they are working with detailed records of patients and staff.

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  • IT & Digital

    IT & Digital

    IT and Digital is the unseen non-medical / non-clinical backbone of the NHS.

    IT and Digital services are the non-medical backbone of the NHS, creating smoother systems and ensuring that patient information is available in the right place at the right time to deliver the right care. This department also powers the technology that gives clinicians new insights into illness and disease, breaking boundaries and providing new solutions that make patient care better, and improves the working lives of NHS staff.

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  • Estates & Ancillary

    Estates & Ancillary

    Estates and Ancillary is the non-medical / non-clinical maintenance of the NHS.

    Estates and Ancillary provides the essential delivery of all NHS services. Individuals and teams who work across this sector cover inside and outside repairs and maintenance of Hospitals and the grounds around them.

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  • Corporate Services

    Corporate Services

    Corporate Services are the day to day non-medical / non-clinical functions of the NHS. 

    Corporate Services provides support to many areas of a Hospital, including making sure finances are properly budgeted and spent wisely and that non-clinical and non-medical staff are recruited fairly and properly trained. Individuals and Teams who work across this area must directly support patients, staff and organisations outside of the NHS.

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  • Communications


    Communications is the non-medical / non-clinical voice of the NHS.

    Communications and engagement staff work internally and externally to help NHS organisations communicate and engage with patients, their families, staff, local communities and other interested groups, including MPs, councillors, unions, charities and the media. Individuals and Teams who work across this dynamic area will directly or indirectly support patients, their families, staff, and individuals or organisations outside of the NHS.


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  • Apprentice of The Year

    Apprentice of The Year

    Apprentices are the new non-medical / non-clinical faces of the NHS.

    Apprenticeships in the NHS are varied and are open to anyone from the age of 16 upwards. They differ in their level, intensity and duration. Apprenticeships provide a route into hundreds of different careers within the NHS and contribute to making the staff of tomorrow. Individuals who are undertaking an apprenticeship are being paid to acquire new skills and knowledge.

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  • Volunteer of The Year

    Volunteer of The Year

    Volunteering is the non-medical / non-clinical heart of the NHS.

    Volunteers are vital to the continued running of the NHS and make a huge contribution to the health of the nation by giving their time, skills and passion to support the NHS. Individuals who work in this much appreciated way cover all age ranges and skill sets, and support staff, patients and the general public.

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  • Leadership Award

    Leadership Award

    Leaders are the non-medical / non-clinical driving force of the NHS.

    This category has been inspired by the NHS initiative “Leading from every seat in the NHS”.

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  • Disability Champion

    Disability Champion

    A Disability Champion is the non-medical / non-clinical equality driving force within the NHS.

    This is a brand-new category for 2020 and was inspired by both a previous UHA winner and an NHS England initiative set out by Simon Stevens. A Disability Champion is an individual who actively works to enhance the confidence and the employability of a person with Autism, learning and / or physical disabilities who wishes to work in the NHS in a non-medical or non-clinical role.

    If you have been championed by an individual regarding a Mental Health Disability, which is just as restrictive and impactful as Physical & Learning Disabilities are, as part of the NHS “Time to Change” campaign and the NHS equality, diversity and inclusion ethos, you are eligible to nominate in this category.

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  • Lifetime Service Award

    Lifetime Service Award

    Lifetime Service is pure non-medical / non-clinical dedication to the NHS.

    Lifetime Service applies to all non-medical / non-clinical members of staff and volunteers who have dedicated most of their working lives, paid or otherwise, to the NHS. However, this award is not just for those who have dedicated their working or volunteering life to the NHS, but also covers what special or exemplary work they have undertaken, or continue to undertake, whilst doing so.

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  • Special Mention Award

    Special Mention Award

    Special Mention Award is everything else that supports and aligns with the NHS.

    This award is something a little bit different. At the Gala Award Ceremony, we will present three stories to the audience that the UHA team feels deserves a special mention. We will ask the audience to vote for their favourite in ‘real time’, meaning this is your chance to be the judge! In past years we have awarded a Foundation set up to further educate and train the NHS on the realities of Sudden Infant Loss and a Volunteer Therapy Dog, who brings joy and comfort to the many dementia patients they interact with on a weekly basis. This award is not only for non-medical staff and volunteers of the NHS but is also open to outside individuals and organisations if they work non-medically.

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