Over 100 NHS organisations involved, over 400 nominations submitted, and over 1,100 nominees nominated; What an exceptionally positive year for The Unsung Hero Awards!
With the Unsung Hero Awards happening on Friday the 23rd of February we wanted to take a moment to explain just what an unbelievable night we have planned.
The Unsung Hero Awards 2018 are now over and what an unbelievable night it was! We welcomed guests from all over the country, from CEO’s and CIO’s, to non-medical staff in positions that can be less visible. Many of these individuals left winners and we know will look forward to placing their trophies on their mantelpieces, or work desks from today.
When looking to obtain event sponsorship, there are some fundamental best practice approaches to ensure that the process runs smoothly. It can be a long and, at times, challenging relationship to obtain and keep sponsors on-board; but one that when done mindfully will provide your brand with stability and strength by association. In this article I will dispense some top tips for sponsorship success, no matter your level or experience.
On a beautiful sunny morning in Widnes, on 30 June 2018, a group of 9 people gathered at the Health Care Resource Centre, to create the Unsung Hero Awards first promotional photo shoot for our new 2019 promotional banner to spread the word about a campaign that celebrates the work of non-medical staff across the NHS.
Though it’s still over a month before the nominations are officially opened, our team has already received lots of questions about the upcoming 2019 Awards. To increase the interest around the Awards, we visited a couple of Trusts where we spread the word about our future events.
Sponsorship proposals come in many different styles, but a winning sponsorship proposal will have certain key elements that make it successful. This months blog looks at five key steps for managing the important process of going from Sponsorship seeker, to a Marketing partner. Ennsuring that you create a partnership that’s not only relevant and well considered, but effective too. 
The offical opening of the 2019 Unsung Hero Awards, on Monday the 3rd of September at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. 
The Unsung Hero Awards continue on their 'Trust Tour' by visiting the world-renowned Chrisite in South Manchester. 
The Unsung Hero Awards continue on their 'Trust Tour' by visiting Royal Bolton Hospital. 
The Unsung Hero Awards visits Blackpool where they are greeted by friendly staff and volunteers, and even get a sneak peak behind a mystery plastic-covered structure.... 
Part 1 of the 2019 Unsung Hero Awards, in which guests arrive at The Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester to a Champagne drinks reception where close up magician Ian Lanvin and our compere, Don Tomlinson welcomed everyone to the 5th National Annual Unsung Hero Awards for NHS Non-Medical staff and volunteers....
Part 3 of the 2019 Unsung Hero Awards, the Raffle is hosted by Coronation Street Star Antony Cotton, the Disco and Entertainments run until the early hours and when attendees finally have to leave they do so on a high! 
In this month’s guest blog, we meet Sheila Mughal from the company Enovation, a proud sponsor of the Unsung Hero Awards for the past two years. Sheila explains the role of technology in an ever-advancing NHS; a role that often sees computers and operational processes as ‘Unsung Heroes’ in their own rights. She breaks down what Enovation’s role is in providing patients and NHS staff with a better user experience, and states why her company continues to choose to support the Unsung Hero Awards.