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Businesses and Creative’s Support our NHS

31st July 2020

When discussing how appreciative the UK has been to our amazing NHS, one thing that is constantly brought to our attention is the sense of community that lockdown has brought, despite its challenges.

More than ever, we are grateful for our National Health Service in every sector and the keyworkers that have kept the country running – so much so that supermarkets and businesses like Deliveroo now offer discounts and other benefits to help make NHS staff’s lives a little easier whilst they are needed more than ever. One example of this is restaurant chain LEON taking part in the ‘Feed the NHS’ fundraiser where people can donate money for NHS staff meals.


Photo from LEON’s Twitter taking part in ‘Feed the NHS’ by delivering 600 meals to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.


Other examples include companies like Barclays, a past sponsor of the UHA, who have been backing companies such as P&S Electrical, themselves completing free electrical checks for NHS Nightingale Hospital. Financial support from companies like Barclay’s helps to keep businesses like these running, despite COVID-19, and therefore keeps our NHS safe and secure.

One brand, Tribal Steel, who specialise in selling high quality leather and stainless-steel bracelets have been raising money for NHS Charities Together, through their sponsored fundraiser ‘Bracelets Together.’


Alison Hargreaves, owner of Tribal Steel, told us more on how their fundraiser started:

“At the start of lockdown I felt we had the experience and resources to try and make a substantial amount of money for the NHS and signed up to the NHSCT Covid-19 Appeal. All profits were pledged to the cause and our sales target was £25,000.”

“This collaborative process involved enlisting help from creative professionals on LinkedIn and building up relationships and creating ideas with them online, all while having to stay at home due to lockdown.”

“The small range of supporter’s bracelets carried unique slogans and messages for the NHS, key, and care workers. Bracelets were named “Gratitude”, “Lockdown”, “Frontline”, “The Great British Bracelet” and “Forever”, with designs based on our most popular lines.”

Bracelets Together managed to raise £4,000, including an extra £1,500 in donations from a team of volunteers, bringing the total to £5,500 overall.


The ‘Nation’s Hero’ ‘Togehter’ and ‘Infinity Bead’ bracelets from the Bracelet’s Together’s website


“Although I feel very disappointed to have not hit our target [Alison explained] or experienced the joy of watching nationwide excitement of ‘Bracelets Together’ as a symbol of hope and support, I feel satisfied that our joint efforts created an initiative with a pure motive”.

“I have learnt we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we fail to succeed. We should celebrate good intentions and having the drive and desire to try our best.”

Seeing the passion and loyalty that companies, both large and small, have shown in supporting our NHS is inspiring. Seeing creatives, business minded individuals and social media influencers come together to use their platform for good, is in many ways a symbol of hope and support it itself; reminding us that we all have the capability to be Unsung Heroes Together for our NHS

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Lily Harrison, Content Writer at Unsung Hero Awards