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Corporate Services and the NHS

17th March 2021

For the NHS to run successfully, Corporate Services need to operate as effectively as possible. All corporate services staff are trained specialists, using their professional skills to provide a range of services across the National Health Service.

Corporate Services essentially take care of the day-to-day functions of the NHS, providing support to multiple areas of Hospitals and Trusts. These areas cover everything from Human Resources to Surveying. Duties can range from making sure finances are properly budgeted, to ensuring that staff are recruited fairly. Individuals and teams who work in this area directly assist patients and staff, as well as organisations outside of the health service.

Currently, the NHS is heavily investing in a digital transformation of its Corporate Services, with NHS Digital leading the way in modernising operations. The aim is to drive innovation and work efficiently alongside all business areas, ensuring Corporate Services can offer as much support as possible.

Another development in NHS Corporate Services is the implementation of diversity, equality and inclusion schemes. While the National Health Service has an overarching diversity strategy, each individual Trust has the opportunity to further their own contributions.

The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group have executed some fantastic work with Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in the last 12 months, driving the Diversity and Inclusion agenda forward. The agenda received investment at all levels, including Board and Trade Unions. Ambassadors were established to drive and influence the scheme, as well as raising awareness for staff networks to support LGBTIQ, Disability, BAME and a Diversity Mentor Scheme. This enabled the Steering Group and the Trust to achieve the Merseyside and Cheshire Navajo LGBTIQ Chartermark in recognition of its good practice, commitment and knowledge of the specific needs, issues and barriers facing the LGBTIQ community in Merseyside.

Thanks to their work, the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group have successfully managed to establish inclusive culture and networks in their local area, as well as introducing innovative ways to measure and incentivise good practice in diversity and inclusion. This really does emphasise the positive impact that NHS Corporate Services and it’s staff can have on communities and individuals alike.

And it’s not just organisations that are excelling in Corporate Services. Alma Stewart, our 2019 winner of the Everyday Hero Corporate Services Award, has continued to demonstrate her commitment to corporate functions at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Alma had the following to say in 2019 after winning her award:

“I’m absolutely chuffed to bits to win the award, especially as it was for our #NHS70 campaign and included some of the Fylde coast’s most famous celebrities. We had an amazing night!”

It’s clear to see that individuals and teams behind Corporate Services really can make an enormous difference in their day-to-day work. By offering dedicated support, sometimes in ways that we wouldn’t typically associate with the NHS, they have the potential to drive the NHS forward and improve patient care.

To those that continue to work behind the scenes in Corporate Services and go above and beyond for the NHS: we thank you.

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