The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

Five Reasons Why Award Ceremonies Matter

29th November 2022

Established in 2015, the Unsung Hero Awards (UHA) are the only national awards to promote non-medical, non-clinical NHS Staff and Volunteers. Since starting, we have handed out a total of 65 awards (including one to a dog!), with even more nominations across the years.

From volunteers and mental wellness champions to admin and corporate service staff, our awards cover a variety of roles within the NHS, making sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

But why does rewarding non-medical NHS staff matter so much to us? Why are awards ceremonies important at all? Read on for our top five reasons.

  1. A chance to reward and recognise unsung heroes 

NHS non-clinical staff definitely need to be rewarded and recognised more for their hard work. Unfortunately, these hardworking people often go uncelebrated and don’t shout enough about the amazing things they do. This is why we founded the Unsung Hero Awards. We believe that everyone is of equal importance, working together to achieve great things. Awards ceremonies provide a fantastic chance to congratulate people for what they have achieved.


  1. A night to celebrate 

After working tirelessly all year, what could be more needed than a chance to celebrate and let your hair down? Awards ceremonies create the chance to stop and reward people for what they do, providing the chance to enjoy a wonderful evening of celebration. We have loved making such memorable celebrations happen, seeing the smiles on people’s faces, and cheering for each and every winner.


  1. A great chance to connect

What better opportunity to bring the many NHS trusts together than an awards ceremony? This is a great chance for networking and connecting with different trusts throughout the country.

Awards ceremonies provide the chance to speak to other nominees. It’s a fantastic time for socialising with people you wouldn’t necessarily meet in your day to day. The Unsung Hero Awards also give us the chance to work with some amazing sponsors, who support the winner of each category. This is such a fantastic opportunity to be inspired.


  1. A night of entertainment

From an up-close magician to a live singer, Unsung Hero Awards have seen a variety of wonderful event entertainment over the years. Unfortunately, not everybody can win an award, but all attendees can enjoy a night of entertainment, which is part of the reward for being nominated! Awards ceremonies provide the chance to experience a memorable evening, and entertainment is part of that. Attendees also get the chance to hear from hosts like Justin Moorhouse and inspiring speakers like Ellie Orton OBE, from NHS Charities Together. 


  1. Boosts motivation

Being rewarded and recognised for your hard work is a huge motivator. Often, people find themselves going above and beyond at work, without stopping to appreciate all they’ve achieved. Being congratulated and made to feel special can then make you want to continue that great work. We believe awards ceremonies are a real boost for motivation, creating a positive workplace environment.


We hope this blog has reinforced why awards ceremonies are so important!

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