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Interview with Amanda Piper, Estates & Ancillary Winner 2019

7th January 2021

As we continue to catch up with some of our past UHA winners, we really are reminded of the amazing hard work and commitment of those who work for our National Health Service.

Amanda winning her Award back in 2019

Amanda Piper demonstrates the qualities that really do make the NHS what it is today; her outstanding kindness and dedication to patients at East London NHS Foundation Trust was recognised by her team, who decided to nominate her for an Unsung Hero Award. Amanda went on to become the UHA Ancillary Leader of the Year winner in 2019, and has since continued to care for patients on the Sally Sherman Ward, part of East London NHS FT.

We chat about her role as a Housekeeper, and what inspires her to go above and beyond for those receiving care.

Hi Amanda, lovely to speak with you. What do you enjoy most about your job as Housekeeper?

Just about everything I think! The most enjoyable thing is being around the patients. That’s the best part.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced during the pandemic and how have you and your colleagues overcome them?

At first, it was a bit bumpy with PPE, but as soon as that came through, there was no issue. It was just difficult to get to grips the with situation really, especially with new updates. It was a lot to learn.

What inspires you?

Being with the patients- that’s a reward in itself. They actually make your day worthwhile. With our patients, it’s something different all the time. It’s absolutely brilliant. Just to know you’ve made someone’s day and you made someone feel good… that’s the best feeling ever.

You won the Leader of the Year Award in 2019 for Estates & Ancillary at the Unsung Hero Awards. How does it feel when your hard work and dedication is recognised?

It’s lovely to be appreciated. I don’t really like the spotlight though! It’s the job we do- it’s not a competition for us to get recognised. It’s the job we do every day. When you get a really nice reaction from a patient, that’s the biggest trophy you’re going to get. That’s why I do the job I do.

What does the NHS mean to you?

Just about everything really. We have a full support network, and there’s always someone you can get advice from, or if you need help with anything at all. There’s just a vast amount of people ready to help you, especially during COVID-19. Everybody has pulled together… we have an amazing team.

It’s individuals like Amanda who make the Awards what they are, we thank her and everyone who participates and who takes the time to nominate an Unsung Hero.

We will be continuing to check in with our Unsung Heroes in the new year – be sure to keep an eye on our social channels!

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Written by Sarah Catherine Jones | Creative Content Assistant

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