The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

Nominate NHS Unsung Heroes for the 2019 Unsung Hero Awards!

3rd September 2018

As we mark 5 years of the Unsung Hero Awards in 2019, we are looking back at our history of celebrating non-medical / clinical staff and volunteers…

In the last five years, the Unsung Hero Awards have granted 28 awards to non-medical/clinical staff and volunteers from various NHS organisations. Our awards recognise NHS Unsung Heroes who help patients and staff on a regular basis. Organised by supporters of the healthcare industry, the Unsung Hero Awards showcase how non-medical/clinical staff and volunteers help develop the improve the NHS.

We’ve received 1,000’s of inspiring stories over the years, with over 2,000 nominations put forward for the various awards from across the UK. 

The 70th NHS Anniversary was the source of much-deserved celebration for non-medical/clinical staff and volunteers this spring at the Unsung Hero Awards 2018 ceremony. We held an unforgettable event where over 350 attendees were involved, including the Lord Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, who has set Manchester as our choice of preference for our next annual Unsung Hero Awards ceremony.

The increase of attendees and ‘buzz’ after this year’s awards set into motion the UHA becoming a community interest company (CIC). Moving forward, we expect to see and promote more and more examples of hard work and dedication from NHS non-medical/clinical staff and volunteers. We set our goal to reach over 350 attendees at the upcoming 2019 Awards, including nominees and nominators, involving Trusts further across the UK and Northern Ireland and inviting socially responsible companies to support the event.

We believe that NHS non-medical/clinical staff and volunteers should be given attention and appreciation, transforming the way care services are delivered. So, if you would like to become involved in this positive change in the NHS, and can think of people who work in roles that deserve support; nominate them for one of our awards and show them and the rest of the community how important their daily work is.

It all starts now, it all starts today! We are encouraging everyone who comes across the Unsung Hero Awards to nominate their true unsung heroes! It is your chance to shout loud and proud about their work and get them invited to the incredible ceremony at Hilton Manchester, Deansgate, on 1st of March 2019. Let them be first on the 1st!

For this year we have 18 different awards: we are looking for Everyday Heroes, Leaders and Teams who are going above and beyond their call of duty; who routinely demonstrate commitment and passion for their job and deliver an exceptional service. We are also eager to hear stories about non-medical/clinical  staff dedicating their whole career within the healthcare sector to serve the greater good.

To get inspired, see who was nominated in the previous years and walked away with a coveted UHA s trophy.

Get Nominating TODAY and we look forward to welcoming you to the awards ceremony in February 2019.

Good luck!

Written by Tanya Prichislenko, Marketing Assistant, Unsung Hero Awards