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Award Category:

Apprentice of the year

Individual or Team Nomination?


Qualifying Qualities

In these challenging times, nominators were asked to show how the nominee had demonstrated the following qualities:

  • Exceptional work ethic - going above and beyond their job description, especially in the past 12 months.
  • Outstanding achievement/s in work or outside of the organisation where relevant.
  • Drive for innovation and proactive leadership in these challenging times.
  • High level of interpersonal skills, such as kindness, empathy, loyalty and thoughtfulness to staff and patients.
  • A resilience considering Covid to their role and to the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

Nominators Answer

Nominee's story :

Maisie started her apprenticeship within our MCSI team in July 2020, this was at the height of the pandemic when we were very short staffed due to colleagues having to work on covid wards around the trust and also from home. Maisie has taken on so many individuals jobs without any complaint and done the job to a very high standard. Maisie is outstanding with our patients, even when there is conflict, Maisie manages to sort these situations out to make sure the patients are receiving the best care possible and that they are heard. Maisie has a great attitude towards her work she has helped our team no end and this has not gone unnoticed, we are very thankful to have had her on our team during such uncertain times. As an apprentice Maisie has been dedicated to our team and has been a credit to us at MCSI. Throughout this challenging last year Maisie has covered many staff while working towards her apprenticeship , we will always be thankful for all her help and the skills she has brought into our team. Maisie really has gone above and beyond and has been fully committed to MCSI Admin no job has ever been too much for her and she is always offering to help all our staff with admin. Maisie has built up a very trusted reputation within our trust. Thankyou Maisie for all your hard work and dedication for this past year, this has not gone unnoticed.
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