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Award Category:

Volunteer of the year

Individual or Team Nomination?


Qualifying Qualities

In these challenging times, nominators were asked to show how the nominee had demonstrated the following qualities:

  • Exceptional work ethic - going above and beyond their job description, especially in the past 12 months.
  • Outstanding achievement/s in work or outside of the organisation where relevant.
  • Drive for innovation and proactive leadership in these challenging times.
  • High level of interpersonal skills, such as kindness, empathy, loyalty and thoughtfulness to staff and patients.
  • A resilience considering Covid to their role and to the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

Nominators Answer

Nominee's story :

Joanna geary founded break the silence after suffering from domestic abuse. She knew what was lacking in the community and gone to found the charity break the silence giving back to the community what she knew was missing as a survivor. Joanna has gone to create the first bespoke domestic abuse service in the district working endless hours to support those who have or are suffering from domestic abuse. Creating the first services with no long waits and developing a tailor made support service each individual to each client or family. She’s used her voice to raise awareness for coercive and control and other forms of domestic abuse. Encouraging others to speak out and end the taboo of domestic abuse. She is not paid for the work she does working up to 70 hours a week. She operates a 24 hours support what’s app service for those who are not able to contact her in the usual way. Working endlessly with other professionals to create changes to better the future of victims children’s and families and survivors of domestic abuse. Joanna used her own heartache unselfishly to provide the best support services in West Yorkshire now highly recognised she works alongside other professionals do victims and survivors have a free life from domestic abuse. She didn’t want anyone to feel the way she did and she took what she had been through to change the community. She is a hero in her own self her own journey used for the sole purpose to better our community and better the life’s of others. Despite the hard times Joanna has faced. Joanna waited 18 months for counselling she took it upon herself to resume at a level 4 counselling so there is no wait for counselling support. Joanna offers a wide range of services and programmes as well as trauma programmes but also I will use an example of a client needs help shopping she will do there shopping there is nothing she won’t do to support people who have gone through domestic abuse who need her help. Break the silence has been recognised as the only support system for domestic abuse that offers what she does. She worked hard during covid and helped to get those in urgent need and those fleeing domestic abuse to a point of safety. Using her own funds to fund break the silence due to the lack of funding she keeps on going. I am the chair of trustees Joanna helped me personally out of a 25 year marriage and that’s how I have come to know Joanna.
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