The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers


Award Category:

Volunteer of the year

Individual or Team Nomination?


Qualifying Qualities

In these challenging times, nominators were asked to show how the nominee had demonstrated the following qualities:

  • Exceptional work ethic - going above and beyond their job description, especially in the past 12 months.
  • Outstanding achievement/s in work or outside of the organisation where relevant.
  • Drive for innovation and proactive leadership in these challenging times.
  • High level of interpersonal skills, such as kindness, empathy, loyalty and thoughtfulness to staff and patients.
  • A resilience considering Covid to their role and to the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

Nominators Answer

Nominee's story :

The volunteers within Northampton General Hospital have really stepped up in the past 12 months. When Trusts around the country remained cautious we put out an advert for more volunteers. The response was overwhelming to say the least. Over 200 applications were received in the initial lockdown phase, of which, around 150 were recruited. The calibre of volunteer that stepped up have been second to none. During a time of uncertainty, the volunteers turned up every day, not knowing what the pandemic had in store and performed roles around the Trust that were considered exemplary. We had volunteers donning PPE every shift and sitting and talking with patients, playing games, reading stories and making sure they were comfortable. Often, these were the only people that the patients had to speak to in the busy wards. There was also a volunteer run, video call service set up. Volunteers would be connecting patients with loved ones and allowing them to see people they wouldn't have been allowed to see with the visiting restrictions. The service also helped connect the patients to loved ones from over seas and continues to do so today. People that would have, even in pre-pandemic times, struggled to have seen and spoken to loved ones in hospital. The volunteers were able to connect husbands with wives that were on separate wards. They even facilitated patients to view funerals of their loved ones. The volunteers run a property service. Patients friends and/or relatives could drop property off to an entrance and the volunteer would take it to the ward. This ensured that patients were still able to have access to their own personal possessions. Volunteers at Northampton General Hospital have really stepped up and shown the real side of humanity. The care and compassion shown by each and every volunteer over the course of the pandemic has been a beacon in the darkest of days. Their positive can do attitudes have inspired those around them. We have seen volunteers that were originally furloughed, get permanent roles within the Trust so that they can continue in the environment they volunteered in on a full time basis. We have had thank you cards, emails and phone calls praising the role the volunteers have played in keeping people connected, how they went above and beyond ensure patients were ok and for just being able to keep a patient entertained whilst confined to their ward. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for our volunteers. They have helped staff, patients and public alike. All in the name of kindness and love for thy neighbour. They have been a priceless asset within Northampton General Hospital and each one being a role model to the next. Often training each other in the roles they perform on a daily basis. It would be impossible, after the year we have had, to say only one volunteer deserved this award, when, as a group, they have been magnificent. Giving their time to those in need during the pandemic and being on the front lines themselves. Amazing!
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