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IT & Digital

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Qualifying Qualities

In these challenging times, nominators were asked to show how the nominee had demonstrated the following qualities:

  • Exceptional work ethic - going above and beyond their job description, especially in the past 12 months.
  • Outstanding achievement/s in work or outside of the organisation where relevant.
  • Drive for innovation and proactive leadership in these challenging times.
  • High level of interpersonal skills, such as kindness, empathy, loyalty and thoughtfulness to staff and patients.
  • A resilience considering Covid to their role and to the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

Nominators Answer

Nominee's story :

The digital identity team are an integral part of the organisation responsible for identity vetting and quickly and efficiently on-boarding all staff with appropriate systems and door access in order to undertake their role. They have worked tirelessly throughout the year to streamline a number of systems including the door access system whereby they have reduced the total number of users from 32,000 to 13,000 in a matter of months resulting in a significant increase of security throughout the Trust. In addition to this they have assisted in the implementation of a brand new in-house developed system and methodology to the Trust (attribute based access control) that now results in over a quarter of a million pieces of systems and door access being automatically granted and revoked from users based on their role within the Trust, thereby negating thousands of hours of manual access request forms being submitted and approved. This in-house solution has caught the attention of NHS England who are now attempting to replicate it in a scalable solution for usage throughout the NHS. In addition to this the team work alongside various departments within the Trust including Medical Education and Rota Co-ordinators to ensure the fast on-boarding of big cohorts of trainees and locums and they also provide Smartcard support to over 20,000 users across more than 100 individual organisations throughout the Fylde Coast and Lancaster region. Through the efforts of this team there can be confidence that users can be quickly on-boarded, only get the necessary systems access to undertake their role, and only after relevant training and governance dependencies have been satisfied. Equally there can be confidence that systems access is revoked immediately whenever a user changes post or leaves the Trust and the access is no longer appropriate. Without this team operating to the standards that they do would result in a lot more manual processes and security risks throughout the organisation and so I feel that it makes this team a great candidate for this award.
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