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Our Admin and Clerical Heroes

11th February 2021

NHS Admin and Clerical staff can often be overlooked, but they not only play a critical role in the day-to-day running of our National Health Service, they also lend a friendly ear to patients needing care.

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Individuals and teams who work in this field must be proficient and well organised, working with detailed records of patients and staff alike. Roles in this sector cover a wide range of areas and include Receptionists, Medical Secretaries, Clerks, Switchboard Operators and much more. Admin and Clerical is essentially a processed-based sector, but many staff members really do go above and beyond to provide a human touch.

However, the way in which Admin and Clerical staff conduct their duties has changed dramatically over the last year. The covid crisis has shifted the focus of our health and social care system towards a common purpose – coming together to overcome coronavirus, ensuring capacity to help those who have been affected, whilst minimising the impact on the health and wellbeing of the population.

As such, many Admin and Clerical staff members have been required to offer their services digitally, freeing up offices and spaces in hospitals for Covid patients. Some employees have embarked on rapid upskilling, while others stepped up to adapt their role to help where the demand has been greatest. It’s not been an easy feat, especially when serving as the first point of contact for the vast majority of patients. But despite the pressures, we continue to hear fantastic stories about Admin and Clerical staff who are providing outstanding care to patients.

At the Unsung Hero Awards, we’ve been privileged enough to hear some of these fantastic stories over the years. Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to recognising the hard work and commitment of our NHS Admin and Clerical staff across the UK. Our Admin and Clerical award winners have been nothing short of remarkable and include Laura Bell of North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Chemotherapy Coordination Team at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Leigh-Anne Porter collecting her Admin and Clerical Award

Leigh-Anne Porter, Information Manager at Velindre NHS Trust, won last year’s Admin and Clerical Award for her natural compassion and ability to connect with others. Not only does she passionately care about meeting the needs of each patient, she also takes time to recognise their families and build trusting, long-lasting relationships with them.

On one occasion, a patient who was due to start an intense course of radiotherapy was deeply concerned about her husband, who was suffering with dementia. He generally became distressed if he was separated from her. Leigh-Anne therefore decided to arrange a meeting with the couple to assess how she could help. She learnt that the patient’s husband loved to spend time walking, as it was one of his favourite pastimes. This instantly helped Leigh- Anne, the patient and her husband develop a meaningful connection, as Leigh-Anne was able to share stories of where she loved to walk her dog and spend time outdoors.

By taking the time to engage with individual patients and give compassionate care, people like Leigh-Anne symbolises the very ethos of the NHS. Admin and Clerical work may be process-based, but it still provides an opportunity to create meaningful, positive experiences with all manner of patients.

A huge thanks to the unwavering commitment of our Admin and Clerical teams – you really are our Everyday Heroes.

Do you know an NHS Admin or Clerical Hero? While nominations won’t open until later this year, we’re still eager to hear your stories of those that go above and beyond. Please contact us at

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