The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

Part 2 of The 2019 Unsung Hero Awards: The Awards Begin!

27th March 2019

In Part 1 we saw guests arriving at The Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester to a Champagne drinks reception where close up magician Ian Lavin and our compere, Don Tomlinson welcomed everyone to the 5th National Annual Unsung Hero Awards for NHS Non-Medical staff and volunteers….

Judge and Presenter Dale Jeffers waits expectantly for his category winner to be announced.

The first half of the evening focused on the following categories: Admin & Clerical, Ancillary, IT and Corporate Functions. As per last year the winners of each were divided into Everyday Hero, Leader of The Year and Team of The Year. Our winners came from diverse backgrounds, from a winner with six months of experience in the NHS, to a winner of 44 years worth of experience.

Karen Shields from NHS Borders, enthusiastically reacting to winning Everyday Hero Award in Ancillary.

Winners from different geographical locations, ages and areas of speciality graced the stage and all were presented with a large glass trophy with their details printed in the classic UHA pink and purple.

More information on all the worthy category winners can be found here.

Salford Royal’s EPR Development Team won Team of The Year – IT, Presented by Steve Leggat of Cerner.

Once we had awarded our first set of winners it was time for dessert, teas and coffees. This was also the time when our audience was treated to “magical” close up card tricks from magician, Ian Lavin and more up-beat music from our AV and Disco team ‘Neckem Entertainment’.

After the audience were comfortably seated and ready to see who was to be awarded in the six individual award categories, our compere, Don Tomlinson raised expectations with his commanding presence and genuine attachment to all that the UHA stands for.

Don Tomlinson, Founder of the UHA and the 2019 Master of Ceremonies.

Before the individual awards continued, we had our second and final keynote speaker come to the stage and blow everyone away with his personal story. In 2006 Anthony Bennett contracted multiple viruses after a school trip to Disneyland Paris. Anthony was brought back to life a staggering twelve times by the NHS and while recovering had to learn the basics again, such as how to walk, talk and use his hands.

Inspirational speaker Anthony Bennett has the room listening to his every powerful word.

During this crucial time, Anthony reflected on how important all members of the NHS were to his recovery, whether it was the IT specialists who designed programmes that enabled the medical equipment to treat him, the cleaning staff who made sure he was always in a safe environment, or the other host of individuals that allowed him to come back literally from the brink, stronger than ever, to start a new career as an inspirational speaker.

As you can imagine, after such an inspiring and electric speech, Anthony was met with a standing ovation.

Anthony Bennett was rewarded with a standing ovation for his touching account of the critical involvement of non-medical NHS staff in saving his life.

Moving onto the singular awards, first up was the Life Saver Award, which went to Joanne Thompson who courageously saved the life of a new-born baby in of a car outside of her Trust. Unfortunatly, Joanne was not able to be in attendance on the night, but her award is now with her and was met with shock and happiness in equal measure.

Patients’ Choice Award was won by Olivia Molyneux, who patiently and professionally calmed an off-duty police officer via the phone when he was having a suspected heart attack on a remote coastline in the South West of England.

Members of South Western Ambulance Service collect Olivia’s Award on her behalf. Presented by Marguerita Gallagher, The Christie

Apprentice of The Year was won by Katie Claydon, who not only sources thousands of pounds worth of prizes for a yearly staff competition, but also supports her team in working much higher than her pay grade.

Katie Claydon won for Apprentice of The Year. Presented by Chris Browne from Alder Hey

Eileen McMahon, from Luton and Dunstable, won the Lifetime Service Award in recognition of her 44 years of volunteering at the Trust. Eileen continues to work closely with patients who have facial disfigurements and teaches them how to apply a type of make-up designed to help hide scars and facial deformities.

Eileen McMahon won for Lifetime Service Award.  Presenters Judith Fullard and Lorna Kinsey, max20

Our Volunteer of The Year Award went to Mandy Preece, who now manages her own team of end-of-life volunteers and presents her training programme to Macmillan.

Mandy Preece won for Volunteer of The Year. Presented by Emma Easton, NHS England

The final award of the evening – our ‘Special Mention Award’ – which was decided on the night in-house by the audience, went to a Chantal Lockey. Chantal sadly lost her daughter to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and, as a result of receiving care she felt was below par, set up her own foundation in 2007. Chantal’s foundation has gone on to great heights, including training thousands of people in the NHS and related organisations, including universities.

Again, a full breakdown of our winners can be read here.

Please look out for our final instalment next week…