The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

Recognising our Unsung Heroes during COVID-19 Crisis

17th April 2020

A guest blog by Sandie Curtis, CEO, of Special Mention Award Sponsor TAP. 

What a pleasure and a privilege it was for TAP (Thank And Praise) to be part of the Unsung Hero Awards (UHA) in February of this year, celebrating the amazing Non-Medical and Non-Clinical Unsung Heroes in the NHS.A lot has happened since then of course, and following the nation’s outpouring of gratitude to everyone working in healthcare/NHS, TAP has responded by creating a Digital Thanking Wall to enable the public to post their messages of appreciation.

I’ve often said that our culture seems driven to highlight what is wrong, instead of giving thanks and praise for the good that can be found in so many, especially those working in healthcare. Well now more than any time in living memory, we have the chance to show just how much we care.



Since its launch, I’m delighted that TAP’s Digital Thanking Wall has received hundreds of messages of thanks, each one inspiring and personal, and importantly, being appreciated by the thousands working in healthcare/NHS.     

As Clare Mechen, Nurse Manager at The Adam Practice in Dorset says, “While we see ourselves as simply doing our job, many of my NHS colleagues are under tremendous pressure at the moment, so it’s great to see how much the public appreciates what we are doing to keep them safe. TAP’s Thanking Wall is the perfect place to share their positive messages of support.”



We’ve made TAP’s Digital Thanking Wall easy to share people’s appreciation, and messages of thanks are also collated from TAP’s social media channels: including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as by emailing

The messages are then posted on our TAP Healthcare/NHS Thanking Wall for everyone, especially the key workers, to read. 



The Unsung Hero Awards have even added their own message of Thanks to the TAP Healthcare/NHS Thanking Wall:

Twitter – @TAPunsungheroes

Facebook –

Linked in –

Instagram –       




Written by Sandie Curtis | Founder TAP 

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