The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

Scotland the brave!

17th June 2019

Recently, the Unsung Hero Awards (UHA) Team had the great pleasure of visiting The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow (QUEH).

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow 

QUEH is a 1,677-bed acute hospital located in the south-west of Glasgow, Scotland. The hospital is built on the site of the former Southern General Hospital and opened at the end of April 2015. 

We were there for our first ever UHA roadshow in Scotland and what a warm welcome we received.

Welcome to Scotland!

At first people were a little curious as they had never seen anything quite like the UHA before and that is not surprising because there is nothing quite like the UHA in the whole of the NHS.

The Unsung Hero Awards is now in its 6th year and growing from strength to strength.  It is, quite simply, the only National Awards for NHS Non-Medical Staff and Volunteers. 

As always, we were welcomed by the Communications Team, who had kindly arranged space on the mezzanine where we quickly assembled our now very recognisable stand. 

UHA Stand-out Stand

 It’s great to work in a modern hospital, as there always seems to be ample space to set up, and being there from late morning till early afternoon is the busiest time of the day for staff going to and fro, taking a lunch break, or on their way to meet patients. We must have seen around 200 people during this time, as pretty well all of our latest information brochures went!  If you would like to see an electronic version of the new brochure you can find it here.

As always, it was great to chat to the Porters and the Volunteers who were none stop in their day to day work. The porters kept busy fetching patients and delivering them via wheelchairs to wherever they are needed. We chatted to a lot of medical staff too and they all had to agree that they knew of at least one “unsung hero” in their non-medical support team and many said they would definitely make a nomination.

We met two lovely volunteers, Penny and Roddy who have worked for the Trust for many, many years.

Penny Macpherson & Roddy MacKenzie

Penny, in particular, was very proud to show off a recent award the volunteers in Glasgow had won from across the whole of Scotland. 

By late lafternoon we had to say “goodbye” to QEUH, Glasgow and on to our next UHA adventure – to interview Karen Shields from NHS Borders, National Winner of the Year, 2019, for Everyday Hero Award – Ancillary Staff.  For more information, check out the blog! 

Written by Don Tomlinson

Managing Director – max20 and Founder of the Unsung Hero Awards