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Standout Nominations 2021: Round One!

21st May 2021

With nominations now open for close to two weeks, and the Unsung Hero Awards receiving more nominations in one week than in previous years (!!), there are some amazing stories to share…

For confidentiality reasons, names of nominees will not be given, alongside no mention of the Trust. The focus for the UHA Team, who have been reading and pre-sorting every nomination ready for the judge’s eyes, is a great story. A story that encapsulates the individual or team’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for their role and the NHS in general in one of the most uncertain times in recent history.

We have not been disappointed and have read nomination upon nomination that clearly showcases kindness, strong work ethic, compassion, humour, and generous spirt of many individuals who have come together and worked as a whole over 2020 and 2021 for the greater good.

Below is just a small snippet of some of the fantastic stories that have made us proud and humbled to be able to get to read such uplifting nominations across a plethora of roles and personalities. 

We hope you enjoy. 



“The staff are like an extended family to my boys; they talk about them fondly and I can see why. The love and kindness, professionalism, energy and thought that goes behind the care and development provided for the children is second-to-none.”

“The whole team have been amazing, spending their Christmas and New Year crawling around Covid clinics with Wi-Fi boosters, laptops, and scanners. They have turned meeting rooms and corridors into an efficient distribution center Amazon would be jealous of.”

“We certainly don’t thank her enough or tell her how appreciated she is. As she is in a community-based unit, her role is unseen by her peers and managers within the Trusts Admin Team, and appears to be minimised and forgotten. This should not be the case, as her role is challenging, demanding, and above all: vital. Without her professionalism the Clinical Team would struggle to maintain the standards that should be present in every NHS service.”

“After a period of intensive training and supervised professional development, the team were able to commission, maintain and repair ventilators and other life-saving equipment used in the intensive care units for the care of COVID-19 patients. The dedication and work ethic were outstanding and this is certainly a result of their attention to detail and their extensive quality and safety training from the civil aviation background. They were able to use their transferable skills to help the NHS and the wider community during the pandemic.”

“When hearing him talking to patients on the phone, or in reception, it is clear he has great empathy and can make patients feel at great ease. He has excellent interpersonal skills and patients find him very reassuring and helpful. From conversations with my own patients, it has been said they find him very kind and supportive, and are very glad when he picks up the phone.”

“She has stepped up to become Operational Lead of a Mass Vaccination team, as well as continuing her Leadership Apprenticeship. She led numerous projects during the pandemic, including a move to remote prescribing and restructuring the workforce into functional teams. Always willing to challenge decisions in a positive way to make sure the service maintained high quality care and the best outcomes for our patients.”

“They all go above and beyond in what they do, going out of their way to help each other and work as a team if someone is ill and off work. We all help to fill that gap, no moaning, just get on with the work. We all do an exceptional job keeping the hospital very clean. Whatever needs doing, we will do it, and we give a helping hand to whoever needs it.”

Amazing! We can’t wait to receive more heartfelt and standout nominations like these as the weeks progress. 

Nominations Close on July 9th, and you can nominate as many times as you like here:

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