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The 21st century NHS is being driven by technology. A guest blog by our sponsors Enovation

30th April 2019

In this month’s guest blog we meet Sheila Mughal from the company Enovation, a proud sponsor of the Unsung Hero Awards for the past two years. Sheila explains the role of technology in an ever-advancing NHS; a role that often sees computers and operational processes as ‘Unsung Heroes’ in their own rights. She breaks down what Enovation’s role is in providing patients and NHS staff with a better user experience, and states why her company continues to choose to support the Unsung Hero Awards.

Neil Spencer from Enovation awarding Venkata Padala for 2019 Leader of The Year – IT 

The 21st century NHS is being driven by technology. The aim is to replace paper with computers and the best operational processes. Enovation is part of a group of suppliers whose prime focus is to help the NHS by understanding its setbacks, then creating IT systems which can either fix, or preferably prevent, future problems. We are a specialised software vendor and innovator in the secure healthcare communication domain, and support the “Five Year Forward View”.

With new models of care emerging and evolving, there is a clear need for more effective information sharing between care settings, organisations and geographies, as well as between professionals and citizens in order to optimise patient outcomes and quality of care. This is reliant on the ability of IT systems across health and care to be interoperable with one another, and is key to the delivery of the future vision of health care. Enovation recognises that the NHS is characterised by complex IT systems in which individual participants often use different communication standards. This can hinder secure and efficient patient data exchange between IT systems of different healthcare institutions and between healthcare practitioners.  

Enovation HQ in Leatherhead, Surrey

Using integrated processes means that when an NHS patient visits a different department, or hospital in another part of the country, the Trust doesn’t have to ask what medications the individual is on, or try to encourage a poorly patient to remember their medical history. IT systems that communicate should also be able to share data with one another. This is what integration is all about. It also means that personal data should be communicated with the highest security standards.

Enovation Support Team

Ideally, if you have a Long Term Condition and live at home, you shouldn’t have to travel miles to visit a GP to have your blood pressure (BP) checked, or require busy District Nurses to come and visit you for what is a routine check. At the press of a button, your BP should be automatically sent to a health care provider, maybe even alerting them to your changing conditions. Robotic computer systems can also automate manual data input, freeing staff to participate in more meaningful duties. 

At a time when the NHS is struggling to fund best care, it is time to let technology help where it can.

Supporting mission critical systems, our own unsung heroes are on call to keep the NHS running from a digital perspective. Systems such as the Cloverleaf Integration Engine, Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation,  myhealth Connect, Zorgmail, XDS Connect and EMPI not only improve operational efficiency, but enhance patient safety and satisfaction too. These systems run 24/7 in the background, watching, processing and checking. They may not be human, but in itself technology is an unsung hero. Going forward, Enovation will further promote the trend towards connected healthcare and support the NHS in its endeavours to improve this important and much-loved national institution.

Non-medical staff being “thanked” at the 2019 Unsung Hero Awards Gala

We choose to support the Unsung Hero Awards because we recognise that it takes many spokes to form a wheel that then keeps our NHS moving forward daily. Just as IT makes a silent, but necessary contribution, so do the many NHS employees who ensure that a safe service is delivered. Many of us at Enovation come from clinical backgrounds and so understand the challenges from both sides, and as possible future patients of the NHS, we also support the UHA because we recognise the selfless contribution of many NHS employees and would like to say “thank you”.

Sheila Mughal – RGN, RM, Clinical Tutor – Business Development Manager Enovation Group UK