The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

UHA Visits Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to promote awards

5th November 2018

The Unsung Hero Roadshow has ben out and about again.

We made a visit to our first nearly totally non-medical establishment to spread the word about the 2019 Awards when we dropped in on Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. They share their office with NHS England staff and whom all work behind front-line staff to continue the best running of the NHS.

Jackie Chrystan, Business Co-ordinator, ensured that we had a great spot to set up. Unlike our previous Trust visits, this had much more intimate feeling, as we were granted access into a busy, working office where we were able to chat with staff freely as they walked by without the typical pressures expected in a hospital environment.

Once set up, with promotional materials from our sponsors Cerner and max20, like always it didn’t take long before we were surrounded by interested people, some of whom already had heard of us – our reputation is beginning to precede us!

Everyone we spoke to understood that an award for non-medical staff and volunteers of the NHS is important. Many people that we spoke to had also given half, if not more, of their working lives to the NHS in non-medical roles.

After engaging with friendly staff who were quick to offer us cups of tea we made sure everyone got the UHA message before heading off back to our nearby office. Although our visit had been briefer than usual, the staff who we encountered told us great stories of potential nominees who had gone above and beyond in their respective teams.

We are currently looking for more ‘Leaders’ to fill our ‘Leader of the Year’ category and this is something that we emphasised to everyone who we met on Friday. Aleader is any person who has shown exceptional leadership in their role and who has inspired their team members of any size through their actions. This year we had four very deserving winners: a Team Secretary, a Play Service Coordinator, a Business Performance Manager and a Project Manager.

If you know of anyone who fits the above description, you can nominate them for free here.

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership was set up post-devolution to address the concern that, while Manchester is a wonderful place to live and work, the health of this area was poorer than in other parts of the UK. The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership took charge of the health budget and aim to achieve the biggest, fastest improvement to the health and wellbeing of this region.

The Partnership is made up of local NHS organisations and councils, as well as people from NHS England and NHS Improvement, emergency services, the voluntary sector, Healthwatch and others including the Mayor of Greater Manchester. You can find out more on the partnership here.

To nominate a deserving individual or team for the 2019 UHA before nominations close on Friday the 16th of November, do so here.