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Unsung Hero Awards Visit Trusts to Promote The 2019 Awards

30th July 2018

Though it’s still over a month before the nominations are officially opened, our team has already received lots of questions about the upcoming 2019 Awards. To increase the interest around the Awards, we visited a couple of Trusts where we spread the word about our future events.

On Monday the 23rd of July the Unsung Hero Awards travelled to London and met with Nathan Christie-Plummer, Assistant Director of Workforce at West London Mental Health NHS Trust. We were particularly interested in visiting Trust Headquarters as its Secretary Karen Spick won Admin & Clerical Leader of the Year Award last year.

Even though we were not lucky enough to see Karen on that day, we noticed several photos of her on the wall of fame, where the moment of Karen receiving the award was captured. We were not surprised to learn that Karen is not only the Unsung Hero Awards winner but also the winner of Trust’s internal Quality Awards.

After having a lovely chat with Karen’s colleagues at the reception, we were introduced to Nathan who was very much keen to spread all our print materials across the site. With our banner and flyers set at Trust Headquarters Nathan felt quite confident that this year we will receive a bunch of new fantastic stories about NHS Unsung Heroes from his Trust this year. We can’t wait to read them!

After our London trip, our team head off to Warrington and visited a couple of sites of Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. It was the day when we met dozens of NHS non-medical staff inviting every single one of them to nominate their friends and colleagues for the national award.

Have to say, hands down, Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS FT’s non-medical staff could certainly win an award for being one of the most hospitable staff. Felt so welcomed during our stay at this Trust on Thursday 26th of July! To name a few of incredible people we’d love to say thank you for their friendliness to Alison and her team from Comms and Marketing Department, Paul and his IT team, Judy and her team from HR, everyone from Procurement Team and Lesley who is an Information Team Manager and happened to be on a first-name basis with Andy Burnham, the Lord Mayor of Greater Manchester.

It’s too bad we didn’t record everything that Trust’s staff were telling us – we would have a few stories about NHS Unsung Heroes worth of rewarding. For example, Paul who manages the IT department. Once we entered the room, Paul introduced us to all his staff and described jobs that each one of them does. He shared with us how he appreciates every member of his team including the person who joined them just 6 months ago. Paul described him as an important asset of their team and a true Unsung Hero of the NHS. What a brilliant example of excellent leadership skills and team cohesion at the same time! We hope that Paul and his team will put all their words on paper and forward them to us after the 3rd of September when the nominations are officially opened!

On a personal note, the Unsung Hero Awards allow all members of NHS non-medical staff to be acknowledged. So if you feel that your friend or colleague deserves a recognition, submit your nomination through our online Entry Form.

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By Tanya Prichislenko, Marketing Assistant, Unsung Hero Awards