The Only National Awards For Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS Staff & Volunteers

Unsung Hero Awards visits Royal Bolton Hospital

9th October 2018

The Unsung Hero Awards continued our ‘Trust Tour’ by visiting the Royal Bolton Hospital to continue to promote 2019 nominations.

The Trust has an international reputation and we found that the staff and volunteers were warm, friendly and professional.

We chatted with  patients and staff whom were keen to find out more about our organisation. The Unsung Hero Awards have a good history with Royal Bolton Foundation Trust, as we named our 2016 ‘Volunteer of the year’ as Enid Dunn.

After her treatment Enid recognised the need for a bag to carry the drain that many breast patients are fitted with when they are discharged from hospital. Using her dressmaking skills, she designed and produced fashionable bags for breast cancer patients out of her own pocket – and continues to do so to this day.

We got to see her work first hand and met Jennifer Cairns, clerical officer in the Breast Screening Unit, who happily modelled one of Enid’s caring creations.

Enid said: “Bolton Hospital is wonderful, all departments that I have visited as a patient I couldn’t fault. There are kind and considerate staff in all departments. I can’t sing their praises enough.”

Our visit to Royal Bolton resulted in many members of staff supporting our initiative and patients showing a great interest in voting for the Patients Choice Award Category. It was clearly visible how busy a Trust Royal Bolton is and on that note we appreciated the time that staff and patients took to engage with us.

As our visit drew to a close, we reflected on how many different departments we had reached out to and how many non-medical individuals had performed their duties in front of us.

Whether it was the volunteer staff cheerily directing members of the public to their respective destinations, porters carefully guiding patients in wheelchairs or beds past us, or Susan East, a Health Care Cleaning Assistant who cleaned around us. These individuals represented just a fraction of the non-medical staff whose daily work is absolutely vital to the safe and effective running of any Trust.

Another positive that stood out was how much Royal Bolton recognises and celebrates its staff. Not only did many individuals that we met on our visit talk about their own in-house awards, we also saw clearly displayed on the main corridor large posters recognising staff and volunteers for going the extra mile and who are the definition of a true Unsung Hero!

Written by Laura Tomlinson, Relationship Manager at the Unsung Hero Awards.