Dan Spacagna

29th April 2019

Dan Spacagna from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust won, in part, for his quick reactions, persistence and courage when saving a colleague’s life.

On the 25th of July 2017 Dan was finishing his late shift when his colleague collapsed of a cardiac arrest. Thanks to Dan’s quick reactions, persistence and courage, he saved his colleagues life that night. Dan remained calm and proceeded to administer CPR for 15 minutes whilst his other colleagues organised clinical help.

As a Trust we have since received grateful thanks from the family and a request that Dan receives all the recognition that he deserves. Family members were quick to note that had Dan not put into action his recent first aid training, that the outcome would not have been a happy one. All of the porters on shift that night deserve recognition for their involvement, but particularly Dan for his calm, compassionate nature and quick-reaction to the situation.

“To say that Dan Spacagna enjoyed the whole event would be a total understatement. He experienced quite a few firsts, including:  his first time visiting Manchester, his first overnight stay in a Hotel, his first formal Dinner,  his first time meeting with colleagues from other Trusts, his first time being recognised at such a high level for his achievements and his first time enjoying a buffet style breakfast the next morning (full English was in order)” – Alan Kemp, on behalf of Dan Spacagna, Portering and Security Lead RHCH.