Jon Potts

29th April 2019

Jon is an Infrastructure Manager at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. He has worked for the trust since 1999 and has consistently delivered high quality technical advice and guidance to the organisation.

Jon has been central to everything the IT department has delivered over the last 18 years. The application of his knowledge and skills behind the scenes have improved the working lives of every trust employee and delivered a real difference to our patients. Jon’s skills in Technical Architecture Design have delivered many tangible benefits.

Jon designed the free patient wi-fi system, the first trust in the North East to do so. He prioritises the needs of the business when scheduling work, to minimise impact, often meaning that he and his team work through the night to support the operational activities of the trust.

Jon is one of the most committed and dedicated individuals, delivering support and developing technology to underpin clinical care and practice. He has a desire to help people and is driven to use his knowledge and skills in a healthcare environment to support this. With a naturally inquisitive mind, Jon is a problem solver, if he doesn’t know how to do something he will find a solution and that talent has served the organisation well. Jon is often in high demand and is known as the ‘go to’ person.

Jon’s calmness under pressure, as demonstrated during a recent cyber-attack, is one of his greatest strengths. Whilst many would be throwing their arms up in panic and despair, Jon slowly took stock and worked collaboratively to suggest the best path forward. Working with Jon has encouraged us to continually improve and through his dedication to delivering the organisational values and objectives every day; has set him out as a shining star and makes working alongside him an absolute pleasure.