Mike Kemp

29th April 2019

Mike Kemp from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has been a Volunteer Community First Responder for over 15 years and has been tireless in his efforts to help support others. His role involves attending emergency calls on behalf on the Ambulance Service, where it is essential for the patient to receive immediate life-saving care. Mike will do this in his own time and receives no financial reward at all.

Mike has been instrumental in saving the lives of numerous patients in and around his community and makes a real difference to everyone he treats. Without his input, skill and support, many patient outcomes would not have been positive. In his fifteen years of volunteer service, Mike has provided over 32,500 hours of cover and has attended over 200 cardiac arrests. Mike is unable to walk down the high-street of the area he lives without being stopped and thanked by a patient, friend or relative of somebody he has treated. Yet, he refuses to promote himself in any way.

Mike recently took part in a trial whereby he attends cases where a member of the public has fallen in their home and is unable to get up. Mike will think nothing of travelling across town to offer assistance and help these patients safely mobilise. He will then follow the appropriate safety netting procedure and hand over to a clinician on the telephone.

In over 80% of these cases no further medical intervention is required, and the patient remains safely at home. Mike gives so much of his time helping others and not only does he save lives by responding to emergencies, he also passes on his knowledge by attending training courses and supporting new Community First Responders.

His compassion is unrivalled and his skill level exemplary. Mike is a fantastic Community First Responder and an amazing person.

“Attending the outstanding evening and hearing I had won was breath-taking, this award has highlighted my team working in my community for their benefit” – Mike Kemp.