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Spotlighting Excellence: A Deep Dive into Unsung Hero Award Categories for the 2024 NHS Celebration

22nd November 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the Unsung Hero Awards are back, stronger than ever, to celebrate the remarkable individuals who make a significant impact in the non-clinical and non-medical sectors of the NHS. After a hiatus during the pandemic, we are more than excited to share with you what we have in store for the 2024 Awards Celebration. This is an opportunity to come together, honour the unsung heroes, and shine a spotlight on their exceptional contributions.

Nomination Closing Date: 15th December

Before we delve into the award categories, it’s crucial to note that the nomination closing date for the 2024 Unsung Hero Awards is 15th December. This gives you a limited time to nominate the outstanding individuals who deserve recognition for their exceptional contributions. Don’t miss the chance to honour your colleagues and celebrate their achievements!

You can nominate your NHS Unsung Hero by clicking here.


Award Categories

Admin & Clerical

This category recognises the essential roles of receptionists, medical secretaries, and administrative assistants who provide vital support in healthcare settings. They are often the first point of contact, ensuring patients feel welcomed and cared for. For example, a medical secretary is a master of organisation, managing patient records, appointments, and crucial communication between healthcare professionals. They ensure a well-coordinated flow of information, contributing significantly to the efficiency of healthcare settings.


IT & Digital

Acknowledging the contributions of IT support technicians, data analysts, and digital project managers, this category ensures smooth technological operations in the NHS. IT support technicians are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, troubleshooting technical issues and ensuring seamless operations in healthcare settings. A data analyst, on the other hand, is an expert in data interpretation and analysis, supporting evidence-based decision-making and improving patient outcomes. They play a crucial role in extracting insights from complex data sets, helping healthcare professionals make informed decisions. Additionally, digital project managers drive digital transformation, implementing innovative technologies to enhance patient care and streamline processes.


Estates & Ancillary

This category celebrates the hard work of maintenance workers, housekeeping staff, and porters who help maintain a clean and safe environment for patients and staff. Their dedication ensures that hospitals and healthcare facilities run smoothly, providing a safe and comfortable space for everyone. For instance, a porter plays a vital role in hospitals, providing assistance with patient transportation, ensuring the smooth movement of equipment, and maintaining a clean environment. Their contribution is essential for the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities.


Corporate Services

Honouring the efforts of human resources officers, finance managers, and marketing coordinators, this category recognises those who contribute to the efficient functioning of the NHS behind the scenes. Human resources officers ensure the recruitment and well-being of staff, finance managers handle budgeting and financial operations, while marketing coordinators promote the services and values of the healthcare organisation. As an example, a finance manager oversees budgeting and financial operations in the NHS, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently. They play a crucial role in managing financial aspects and contributing to the overall success of the organisation.


Volunteer of The Year

Commending the dedication of volunteer patient visitors, befrienders, and fundraisers, this category recognises those who selflessly give their time and support to enhance patient experiences and contribute to the NHS community. Volunteers make a significant impact, providing emotional support, companionship, and fundraising efforts that benefit patients and their families. For example, a befriender dedicates their time to providing companionship and emotional support to patients. They play a crucial role in brightening the lives of patients, offering a friendly ear to listen and ensuring they feel valued and supported during their healthcare journey.


Celebrating Underrepresented Sectors of the NHS

The Unsung Hero Awards provide a platform to celebrate the underrepresented non-clinical and non-medical sectors of the NHS. These heroes often work tirelessly behind the scenes, their efforts going unnoticed. By shining a spotlight on their dedication and contributions, we can foster a culture of appreciation and recognition within the healthcare community.


The Hiatus During the Pandemic: Coming Back Stronger Than Ever

The past year and a half have been challenging for everyone, including the healthcare sector. The Unsung Hero Awards took a hiatus during this time, but now they are back, stronger than ever. We are more than excited to share with you what we have in store for the 2024 NHS Celebration. This is an opportunity to come together, celebrate the resilience and dedication of our unsung heroes, and show our gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

Nominate, Vote, and Attend the Awards Ceremony

Now that you are familiar with the award categories, take a moment to nominate the individuals who have made a significant impact in their respective roles. Your nominations and votes as NHS staff are crucial in determining the winners. Make your voice heard and honour those who deserve recognition.

Don’t forget to attend the awards ceremony in March to witness the celebration firsthand. It will be a night filled with joy, inspiration, and appreciation for the unsung heroes who make a difference in the non-clinical and non-medical sectors of the NHS.

Let’s come together and shine a spotlight on excellence. Nominate, vote, and celebrate the remarkable individuals who truly deserve the title of Unsung Hero!

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