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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: The Vital Role of NHS Volunteers in Healthcare

21st December 2023

NHS volunteers are the Unsung Heroes who play an indispensable role in supporting the NHS and its unwavering mission to provide quality healthcare for all. Here at the Unsung Hero Awards, we’ve been highlighting the amazing work of NHS Volunteers for years. It’s one of the categories we’ll be spotlighting for our 2024 awards ceremony.

We are thrilled to bring our community together and unveil all the exciting things we have in store for what promises to be a spectacular night. Tickets are now available for purchase here.

In the meantime, subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on all our social media channels for a sneak peek at all the ways we’re planning to make the Unsung Hero Awards 2024 the biggest and best ceremony we’ve had so far! We received over 300 nominations this year by our deadline on 16th December, highlighting once again the importance of our mission to celebrate the NHS and the unwavering dedication of non-medical and non-clinical NHS job sectors like NHS Volunteers.

NHS volunteers, whether they are guides, administrative wizards, or fundraising champions, play a vital role in ensuring patients receive the care and support they deserve. Their selfless commitment, comfort and emotional support, guidance through hospitals, assistance with administrative tasks, and fundraising efforts go beyond filling gaps in the healthcare system. Without these dedicated volunteers, the healthcare system would face challenges in delivering comprehensive care to patients. They are the unsung heroes who keep the gears of the NHS turning smoothly, ensuring the best possible care for patients.


Variety of Jobs

NHS volunteers undertake a wide range of tasks, each of which contributes to the smooth running of healthcare facilities and the overall patient experience. Some common examples of volunteer roles include:

1. Hospital Guides

Volunteers serve as hospital guides, providing directions and assistance to patients and visitors. They play a vital role in helping individuals navigate the often complex hospital environment, ensuring that they reach their intended destinations with ease.

2. Befrienders

NHS volunteers act as befrienders, providing companionship and emotional support to patients who may be feeling lonely or isolated during their hospital stay. These interactions can greatly improve the well-being of patients and contribute to their overall recovery.

3. Administrative Support

Volunteers also offer administrative support, helping with tasks such as filing, data entry, and organising paperwork. By taking care of these essential behind-the-scenes duties, volunteers enable healthcare professionals to focus more of their time and energy on patient care.

4. Fundraising and Charity Work

Many NHS volunteers actively participate in fundraising and charity work. They organise events, raise awareness, and gather donations to support hospitals, medical research, and patient support programmes. Their efforts help provide crucial resources and services that benefit patients and their families.


Underrepresentation of Volunteer Work

Despite their invaluable contributions, the work of NHS volunteers is often underrepresented. The focus tends to be on the medical professionals and the treatments they provide, overshadowing the essential support that volunteers offer. However, without volunteers, the healthcare system would face significant challenges in delivering comprehensive care to patients.

How to Get Involved

Interested in becoming an NHS Volunteer? Here are some ways to support the NHS:

1. Regular Volunteering for Your Local Hospital or Ambulance Trust: Choose from various roles such as ward or department volunteer, administrative support, fundraising, or patient participation groups. Ambulance Trusts also offer roles like patient transport or Community First Responder. Visit the NHS Volunteering website or NHS Jobs for more information.

2. NHS and CARE Volunteer Responders: Join the program to offer support to the NHS and individuals who rely on social care. Manage your volunteering time conveniently through a smartphone app. Visit the NHS CARE and Volunteer Responders website for available roles.

3. Regular Volunteering for Organisations Supporting the NHS: Volunteer for organisations that provide additional help and comfort to patients while supporting NHS staff. Check out the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) web page “I want to volunteer” and Volunteering Matters for opportunities in your area.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the 2024 Unsung Hero Awards in March! It’s going to be a spectacular night where we celebrate the incredible contributions of NHS Volunteers and all the other categories. Join us as we honour these unsung heroes who play a vital role in supporting the healthcare system. Visit our ticket purchase page to secure your spot now! We can’t wait to come together as a community and celebrate the dedication and impact of NHS Volunteers.

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