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Our top ten healthcare social media accounts

8th August 2022

At a time when misinformation and misleading advice is common across social media, it’s important to know which sources you can trust. This is especially true when it comes to health and wellbeing!

Here at Unsung Hero Awards HQ, we like to keep an eye on healthcare social media accounts, and in this blog, we’ve rounded up our top ten just for you…

Patient Access

Patient Access is a must-follow for helpful and reliable health information, shared regularly in a visually engaging way. In partnership with the NHS, Patient Access connects people to local health services, but they also know how to do social media really well. Their graphics are colourful and easy to understand, and they offer a range of expert information that can be trusted. Examples include wellness tips, such as ‘why you should make reading a healthy habit’, and medical information, like ‘signs of heatstroke’. You can find Patient Access on most social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

NHS Charities Together

Our friends over at NHS Charities have a fantastic social media presence and can even be found on TikTok! This national independent charity helps the NHS go further for staff, patients and communities. NHS Charities regularly share the great work they’ve been doing, campaigns such as the #NHSBigTea, and NHS news on social media. We would definitely recommend giving them a follow, especially on Twitter!

Dr Alex George

Welsh doctor and TV personality doctor Alex George is definitely one to follow on Instagram. A former Love Island star and author of a number one bestseller, Live Well Every Day, Alex is a passionate ambassador for mental health in particular. This passion is something he regularly talks about on social media, sharing helpful mental health tips, insights and information. 

Dr Chatterjee

A doctor, author, TV presenter and podcaster, Rangan Chatterjee claims to be ‘keeping health simple’. Sharing a range of insightful health and wellness tips, Dr Chatterjee is definitely one to follow, especially on Instagram. He even had his own show on Radio 2, where he shared practical advice to help you in everyday life.


Helpforce partners with health and care organisations across the UK to accelerate the growth and impact of volunteering, and their Twitter account is one of our favourites! They’re very active on social media, sharing their work and volunteering news. They’re currently taking nominations for their Helpforce Champions Awards, so why not take a look at nominating someone you know?


Have you ever tried the Headspace app? Whether you have or haven’t, Headspace has some fantastic social media content to share about mindfulness, which everyone can benefit from. Whether it’s inspirational quotes and meditation tips or advice for staying calm and in the present moment, @headspace is a really uplifting and colourful social media account to follow.

St John Ambulance

From health advice and news to blogs and updates on their volunteers, @stjohnambulance is a great one to follow on Twitter. Their recent tweet explaining how to use a defibrillator was potentially lifesaving, which is just one example of their share-worthy content. We always like to keep an eye on what they’re posting!

BBC Health News

Are you looking to keep up to date with all things health news? For regular news updates, @bbchealth is definitely one to follow. From Covid and government policy to NHS updates, the BBC are a trusted and reliable source to keep up to date with. That’s pretty important in an age when so much fake news and unreliable information is available online!

Dr Emeka

TikTok sensation, Nigerian prince and A&E doctor Emeka Okorocha is full of helpful advice! From @Doctor.Emeka, you can expect health hacks, fun medical tips, workouts, meals and more. He’s such a great one to follow because he makes healthcare very engaging, especially for the younger generations.

Don’t Salt My Game

Founded by registered nutritionist and wellness advocate Laura Thomas, Don’t Salt My Game offers a fresh perspective on health through an anti-diet lens. On Instagram, @dontsaltmygame shares snippets and quotes from the popular podcast, which fights ‘diet culture’ to make nutrition empowering and positive instead.

Unsung Hero Award

Of course, we couldn’t write this blog without promoting our own social media channels! If you’re not already following us, then you definitely should! On our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, we share regular wellness tips, inspirational quotes and NHS news. We’re passionate about promoting the unsung heroes of the NHS and have been celebrating non-medical NHS staff since 2015, so keep an eye out for our announcements about future awards…

Are you following everyone on our list? Have we missed anyone out? Send us a message on social media to let us know!

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