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Standout Nominations 2021: Round Four – the final roundup!

2nd July 2021

Now with only one week to go before nominations for 2021 close, we take a final look into standout entries for our Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS superstars for 2021! 

For confidentiality reasons, names of nominees will not be given, alongside no mention of the Trust. The focus for the UHA Team, who have been reading and pre-sorting every nomination ready for the judge’s eyes, is a great story. A story that encapsulates the individual or team’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for their role and the NHS in general, in one of the most uncertain times in recent history.

We have not been disappointed and have read nomination upon nomination that clearly showcases kindness, strong work ethic, compassion, humour, and generous spirt of many individuals who have come together and worked as a whole over 2020 and 2021 for the greater good.

Below is just a small snippet of some of the fantastic stories that have made us proud and humbled to be able to get to read such uplifting nominations across a plethora of roles and personalities. 

We hope you enjoy for a final time. 


They have been visiting the hospital to boost staff wellbeing and morale since October 2020. Every staff member who has been supported to date has a huge smile on their face. Staff say the photographs from visits are worth a thousand words and are a lasting memory for them to recall a moment of calm during everything they have been through in the pandemic.

Her communication style is both engaging and challenging, whilst always professional. She brings a considered and thoughtful approach to leadership, but equally a willingness to learn. Not one to be rushed, she likes to ensure work is completed thoroughly and has massive interactions with all her peers and direct reports. She takes the time to listen and make sure everyone is included in the conversation then returns with a thoughtful and inclusive decision. She works with gusto and determination and is also honest, friendly and has such a considerate nature to all that work with her.

As well as his vital contribution to making things happen in our Trust, he is not afraid to challenge ideas and suggestions and ensure they are fit for purpose and reflect our key mission that “together we are making life better for our communities”. He also demonstrates our values, putting people at the heart of what we do; delivering better health, better care in partnership; and empowering people to improve care and wellbeing.

The whole team, having never all met face to face, have shown such commitment to each other and drive to ensure the health and wellbeing of the children through providing exceptional leadership, training and support to health colleagues. The team have shown exceptional work ethic ,going above and beyond within their differing roles and helping the team outside of their daily duties where necessary to support each other. The team have developed strong working relationships with health and social care colleagues and multidisciplinary agencies, usually through technological platforms that can create barriers, through the high level of interpersonal skills, such as clear communication, conflict management and resolution skills and respect.

He worked at the hospital since 2017, starting as a porter before moving to the reception team in 2019. In 2020, he became a Charity Champion for the NHS charity for the hospital. He is an extremely dedicated member of the team, continually going above the call of duty and always doing so with a smile on his face, giving the 180,000 patients who visit every year the warmest welcome at what can be a daunting and scary time. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he secured 1,000 units of Haribo sweets, 500 units of jellybeans, 250 bottles of Smart Water and 120 cans of Diet Coca-Cola to support his colleagues all while he worked with them through one of the most challenging times in the NHS’ history

She has an exceptional work ethic and has volunteered most days during the Covid-19 pandemic and put herself forward at the outset to help out with our hospital charity, despite the great uncertainties surrounding the pandemic. At the height of the pandemic, she helped to distribute over £70k worth of donations to support our staff & patients – boosting morale & keeping everyone going through one of the toughest times. She has allocated 3,800 sets of scrubs, 2,400 loungewear sets, 4,000 hand creams, 17,300 drinks & snacks and 69 tablets to staff using her excellent organisational skills from a career in retail management, everything was accounted for and run efficiently like clockwork.


They have supported over 100 patients per month out of hospital, enabling the acute trusts to free up bed space for the high volume of Covid admissions. Their dedication to work and delivery of compassionate care has remained of an outstanding quality, despite being faced with the most challenging of circumstances and supporting some of the most unwell and complex patients in a community setting. Because of the level of service they have delivered, many people were able to be discharged from hospital earlier back to their families and loved ones.


As always, an amazing glimpse into our 2021 nominations. We can’t wait to receive the last influx of heartfelt and standout entries before nominations close on July 9th. Remember that all nominations are free to enter for all levels of staff across primary and secondary care, and that you can nominate as many times as you like:

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