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Standout Nominations 2021: Round Two!

4th June 2021

Close to a month of nominations being open, we take a second look into standout entries for our Non-Medical / Non-Clinical NHS superstars for 2021! 

For confidentiality reasons, names of nominees will not be given, alongside no mention of the Trust. The focus for the UHA Team, who have been reading and pre-sorting every nomination ready for the judge’s eyes, is a great story. A story that encapsulates the individual or team’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for their role and the NHS in general in one of the most uncertain times in recent history.

We have not been disappointed and have read nomination upon nomination that clearly showcases kindness, strong work ethic, compassion, humour, and generous spirt of many individuals who have come together and worked as a whole over 2020 and 2021 for the greater good.

Below is just a small snippet of some of the fantastic stories that have made us proud and humbled to be able to get to read such uplifting nominations across a plethora of roles and personalities. 

We hope you enjoy. 


“She has taken on so many individuals jobs without any complaint and done the job to a very high standard. She is outstanding with our patients, even when there is conflict, managing to sort these situations out to make sure the patients are receiving the best care possible and that they are heard.” 

When lockdown first started all of those “I want to talk to someone NOW” calls were unable to be routed to anyone but the skeleton staff who were in our Customer Services team. Understandably, this means in the early days [of Covid-19] they got lots of scared callers. Just like GP’s, every single time something new was mentioned in the media (A new symptom! A test! A Vaccine! Priority for Jabs! A lockdown! A side effect!) we would get a huge surge in calls that had nowhere to go yet, because we were hearing the news the same time that the public were and still catching up. The team have been amazing in holding back the flood of scared public, reassuring them, helping them, and just plain listening, so everyone else could focus on their part.”

“On the face of it, her job involves sorting out rotas for the surgical doctors, but she has been so much more than that for me: she has been the person there for me when I had my biggest career wobble, overcome with self-doubt. In doing so, she has saved my career from faltering and the NHS the considerable investment it had already made in my training. I am extremely grateful for her calm, friendly, and supportive disposition and I truly believe she is one of many unrecognised NHS heroes who have helped the whole system to function during an unprecedented period of upheaval.”

“He brings joy to the reception desk – both to all members of staff as well as to all our patients and ensures that every patient is treated with great consideration. He spends many hours offering tea, compassion and company to our patients, particularly those who wait for transport to take them home. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. He is a man who makes the day better and I am able to take great pride in the fantastic reception that all of our visitors and patients get from him.”

“They are calm under pressure, engaged with colleagues and also engaged with a range of partners to ensure we worked with people who could provide efficient and effective support for our colleagues. They spoke to thousands of colleagues where they highlighted high levels of anxiety. They facilitated listening events and ‘wellbeing surgeries’. Through their tenacity, passion and heart, they are recognised within the Trust as a ‘go to’ person to access wellbeing support. Unfortunately, they have been involved in over 30 life saving incidents too. They have been an absolute asset to us over the last 12 months and I’m lucky to work alongside them every day.”

A team of 15 who’s usual daily work load is made up of compounding clinical trial IV medications for a broad range of conditions and diseases. Throughout the pandemic they were also tasked with compounding supporting medications for patients with Covid on ITU. This increased their workload from around 20/30 infusions per day, up to 500 per day. New shift patterns were formed to accommodate this, extra hours worked and weekends became non existent. Everyone has been amazing and has helped each other throughout this busy time, both in work and in personal life.

Amazing again! We can’t wait to receive more heartfelt and standout nominations like these as the final month commences from June 9th. 

Nominations Close on July 9th, and you can nominate as many times as you like here:

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