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Trusts celebrate NHS at 72

10th July 2020

The 5th July was the 72nd Anniversary of our brilliant National Health Service and in the past few months everyone has been taking part in Clap for Carers every Thursday for both Medical and Non-Medical NHS staff, as well as inspirational front-line Keyworkers.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that NHS Trusts up and down the country, along with the Prime Minister and members of the public, wanted to come together and give the ‘biggest thank you ever’ for not just the last few months, but from the very beginning in 1948. The Health Secretary at the time Aneurin Bevan, who founded the NHS, described it as a ‘great and novel undertaking,’. How right he was.

During the recent Birthday celebrations, we saw are own winners and nominees take part in the celebrations.

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, who are previous nominees and winners, held many activities across their Trust to give the ‘biggest thank you ever.’

One of their activities included a CHFT Time capsule, in which they are planning to bury things that future generations can find and learn about what Calderdale and Huddersfield went through during the COVID Pandemic.

The Trust also offered colleagues a chance to celebrate by sharing messages of thanks and well wishes using their newly designed ‘One Culture of Care’ birthday card featuring the rainbow design by Daisy Crossley. The card can be sent either to a CHFT colleague, a fellow key worker, or a member of the local community who has gone above and beyond during the Pandemic.

Another gesture the Trust made was called ‘Wishing Trees’ in which each main entrance was decorated with messages they had received, such as knitted hearts, scrub bags and messages from the text donations received every Thursday evening as part of Clap For Carers.

Sue Laycock, Personal Assistant to Chief Operating Officer Helen Barker wrote in the most recent CHFT newsletter: “This is our moment to say thank you for everyone who has been there for us and shown one culture of care in everything that they’ve done.”

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were another Trust to take part in the Birthday celebration and highlighted on their website other National NHS Anniversary Activities. These included putting a light such as a candle, lamp or torch in windows or on doorsteps to remember all those lost on the eve of the anniversary, seeing the biggest, loudest and final ‘clap for carers and key workers’ at noon on the 72nd Anniversary and also lighting up National landmarks blue to recognise the Anniversary.

These activities were put together by the Together Coalition, headed-up by Brendan Cox, widower of MP Jo Cox, to focus on celebrating the NHS and say thank you for this ‘renewed sense of community spirit.’

Bradford Teaching Hospitals have been promoting activities online, and recently posted on Twitter a video of staff clapping while socially distanced outside.

Ellie Orton, Chief Executive of NHS Charities Together and judge of our most recent Awards also took to twitter to share her sentiments, saying “Happy birthday” and “thank you”.

If there is one thing that the NHS’ Birthday weekend has proved, it’s that there really is a sense of community spirit in times of need and that our country will always promote, protect and most importantly: celebrate the NHS and all its workers.




Written by Lily Harrison | Freelance Content Writer  

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