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Unsung Hero Awards 2024 Giveaway: Take Your NHS Trust to the Party!

5th March 2024

The Unsung Hero Awards (UHA) serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of recognising the immense contributions of the non-medical and non-clinical staff within the NHS. These awards are not simply an event, but a unique celebration dedicated solely to shining a spotlight on these often-overlooked heroes who play such a pivotal role in the smooth running of our National Health Service.

This year, we’re taking our celebration a step further by not only acknowledging these hardworking individuals, but by also introducing a distinctive opportunity for the wider NHS community to be a part of this jubilant event. Through our exciting “Take your NHS Trust to the Party!” giveaway, we are extending an invitation to win a table for 10 people at the prestigious UHA 2024 gala. This is a golden opportunity for you and your colleagues to immerse yourselves in an evening dedicated to celebration, appreciation, and recognition of the tireless efforts of our non-clinical and non-medical NHS staff.


The UHA extends beyond the boundaries of a typical awards ceremony. It serves as a symbol of gratitude and acknowledgment for the non-clinical and non-medical staff of the NHS who tirelessly work to ensure the best possible patient care. It’s an occasion to focus on the immense value of their contributions and how they support the functioning of the NHS. These key personnel often work behind the scenes, enabling the clinical and medical staff to deliver the best care. This includes the dedicated IT staff who work tirelessly to ensure the systems are running smoothly, to the administrative staff managing crucial paperwork. Each non-clinical and non-medical role is integral to the effective functioning of the NHS.

Our decision to host a giveaway stems from our belief that celebration is most meaningful when it is shared. We aim to include as many individuals as possible from our NHS community in this grand event. The more we share this occasion and acknowledge the significant contributions of our non-clinical and non-medical staff, the more we heighten awareness about their crucial roles within our healthcare system.


Joining the giveaway is a simple process. All you need to do is like our post, comment “#UHA2024!” underneath our giveaway social posts and tag a minimum of three people who you’d love to share this prestigious evening with. Please don’t forget to leave your contact details by clicking this link which is on our profile and selecting “UHA 2024 GIVEAWAY”.


We will announce the lucky winner on Wednesday, March 6th, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to bring your NHS Trust to the party! It’s a golden opportunity to participate in a night full of celebration and recognition. We wish you the best of luck!

The Unsung Hero Awards is more than just a ceremony; it’s a movement. A powerful movement toward recognising and celebrating the non-clinical and non-medical staff of the NHS. So, become a part of this movement, participate in the giveaway, and join us as we raise a toast to our non-medical and non-clinical Unsung Heroes, the backbone of our NHS.

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