Billy Fisk

29th April 2019

Billy Fisk, the youngest of our Unsung Heroes, is a Scheduler in London’s St Mary’s Hospital. Bully was put forward for the Unsung Hero Award by his HR department for his commitment to providing great patient care.

It is Billy’s responsibility to schedule the dates and times for trauma and orthopaedic surgeries, but on one occasion he had to cancel the operation of a patient who was already waiting in the admission lounge.

Knowing that she would be upset, Billy went and told the patient that the operation would have to be rescheduled and he could see she was understandably distressed by the news. Before an operation, you have to fast for at least 6 hours and because Billy knew this patient would be hungry, he went down to the café and bought her a drink and a snack out of his own pocket to help comfort her.