Iain Rivans

29th April 2019

Iain Rivans from NHS Fife truly went above and beyond when helping a very poorly patient receive her medication at home.

Pharmacists usually work behind the scenes and are generally unacknowledged, but one patient wanted to acknowledge Iain Rivan’s help and kindness.

In her nomination, she described how Iain “showed great compassion” when she gave a call to NHS Fife looking for help. After listening to the distressed lady, Iain dispensed several medications, using all his knowledge as an experienced pharmacist.

Iain sent the prescription to a local GP, then phoned to ask it to be sent to a local pharmacy. As the patient was too ill to pick up her medication in person and was home alone, Iain sprang into action and phoned the pharmacy who brought the medication personally to the ladies house.

Iain phoned every day for the next few days to see how the patient was doing and when she thanked him, he cheerfully responded that it was “all part of the service.”

Iain went beyond the call of duty and his passion and dedication to the patients he encounters is something rare and worthy of note.

“Winning the award meant so much to me as it was incredible to think a patient was so grateful for my help, even though it was really just showing compassion and a bit of appreciation of someone’s situation. Winning this type of award was very special and unique and really was a once in a lifetime achievement” – Iain Rivans.