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Estates and Ancillary: The People Maintaining the NHS

4th February 2021

When we think of the NHS, we often think of those who provide medical care. But for the health service to work effectively, there needs to be a huge array of staff members that work behind the scenes to make that happen.

Estates and Ancillary is such an area specialised by staff who provide a provision of support services that help deliver overall exceptional patient care. So, what kind of roles can be found within Estates and Ancillary, and which tasks are carried out by the teams?

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This sector focuses on the Non-Medical and Non-Clinical maintenance of the NHS and encompasses everything from Catering and Housekeeping to Security. Individuals and teams who work across Estates and Ancillary aren’t typically patient facing, but they still come into contact regularly with the general public as they cover inside and outside repairs and maintenance of Hospitals, as well as the grounds around them. Whether staff members are updating facilities or managing property, they all ensure that patient experiences with the NHS are delivered to a high standard.

This area also covers roles such as Groundkeepers and Gardeners, which are particularly popular within Estates and Ancillary. As the needs of the NHS change, existing buildings need to be extended or renovated and new sites built. The fabric of the building needs to be looked after – walls, floors and windows – as well as the systems inside it, including heating, power and ventilation. This opens up opportunities for Trade-focused professionals, like electricians, plumbers, painters, to extend their services to the NHS.

At the Unsung Hero Awards, we recognise the hard work and dedication of Estates and Ancillary staff members across the country. So much so, we have a specific award category dedicated for those who work in this field, which we hope shines a light on the incredible hard work of those within the sector.

Mandy Bates with her UHA Award

Last year’s winner of the Estates and Ancillary Award was Mandy Bates of Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, who received the award for outstanding services in her role as a Housekeeper. Despite the demands of a large Emergency Department, Mandy would continue to go the extra mile with any task she was given, showing her value to her team members and patients alike. Making the day to day running of the department smooth and organised, Mandy’s effort allowed the team to be more productive and efficient, shaping a busy department into an efficient operation.

It’s people like Mandy that really do demonstrate how crucial Estates and Ancillary roles are. While they may not be the most recognisable roles in the NHS, they have an equally important part to play in the effective running of our health services as those that are more visible in the public eye.

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond in an NHS Estates and Ancillary role? Keep your eyes out on our social media pages to see how you can show your recognition in the 2021 Awards.

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